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Cqstart Mechanical Spring Starter

1. What is the Cqstart Mechanical spring starter?

It is a kind of starter, which can transform manual cranking energy into disc spring potential energy. It can start the diesel engine with the manual cranking energy.

2. The Advantages of Spring Starter:

Dealing with the problem which the electric starter is out of electricity. It can make the engine started without battery or other external systems (such as gasholder, cable, air compressor, manometer, accumulator, etc.). There is no cost for maintenance of it, and it has explosion-proof structure.

3. Instructions of Cqstart Spring Starter:

a. Single starter can start 6 cylinders in-line engine with displacement up to 19L, 16 cylinders V-type engine with displacement up to 30L. 0 group system can start up to 50L.

b. The Mechanical Spring Starter applies to emergency generator sets, lifeboats, firefighting sets, emergency pump sets, construction machines, power plants, irrigation and drainage device, etc.

c. Our products are available for the engines whose displacement is under 50L. There are various mechanical spring starters or group systems for your reference.

Cqstart Spring Starter

How to Turn and Start Diesel Engine with Cqstart Spring Starter

Applications of Spring Starter

A spring starter can be help in many serious circumstances for power start, especially in Firefighting, Marine, Military, Enmergency Rescue, and some other kinds of fields which would encounter some serious environments, once the there's a electric short the spring starter can be relied on.

Spring Starter in Firefighting

  • When a fire suddenly happens, fireman will need a water pump for extinguishing, however, most places where it occurs a fire, there might be no or lack in power support for a diesel engine. As diesel engines will drive a water pump for extinguishing, it requires high reliability of diesel engines during firefighting. Once the electric starter breaks down, a mechanical spring starter will be a reliable backup starter.

Spring Starter in Marine

  • In a marine transportation, a “black start” is a serious problem, which can be killing, to ensure the safe of it, a mechanical spring stater is the best choice. The mechanical spring starter can meet the “black start” requirements of the power unit of the ship, if there is an event of electricity loss during the ocean sailing. In the ship regulations, it is required by the SOLAS when the ship is sailing. All ships need to be satisfied that when the whole ship loses power, there should be an emergency unit used to generate electricity for the ship. The mechanical spring starter is designed to achieve the emergency start requirements.

Spring Starter in Military Field

  • The wild environment the military in is very harsh, and electricity backup resources are insufficient for a long trip. Once in a shortage of electric starter power, generators, vehicles and other vital equipment cannot work. Under this circumstance, you can rely on a mechanical spring starter to start the generators for electricity.

Spring Starter in Emergency Rescue

  • Most of emergency rescue sets are movable, usually mothballed in a warehouse. It causes that the sets lack of maintenance for battery. And it is hard to find a backup battery immediately when there is an emergency. However, Cqstart mechanical spring starter is maintenance-free, it hardly malfunctions if the operation is correct.

Spring Starter in Other Circumstances

  • a mechanical spring starter can be used in more than among scenes. All I want to discuss is that the Cqstart mechanical spring starter can apply to varies scenes and different situations, even extremely harsh conditions.



1. What is the Cqstart disc spring starter?
A special starting system, which stores the energy of manpower in disc springs and releases it once to start a larger engine.
(often called hand starter, spring motor, mechanical starter, manual starter, etc.)

2. The reason why uses Cqstart disc spring starter?
As we all know that the electric starter sometimes needs maintenance. Our starter is designed to replace it when it is out of battery or failure. Unlike air starter or hydraulic starter, spring starter requires no external power systems. They are maintenance-free, compact, dependable and water-proof, the preferred choice for backup starting.

3. What are the main application fields?
All fields which diesel engines apply to. Mainly in marine emergency gen-set, lifeboat, military power station, fieldwork, emergency generator vehicle, diesel-powered fire pump, emergency rescue, agriculture equipment, mine, chemical plant and explosion-proof generator set.

4. The range of applied engines?
Displacement between 0.5L-38L, the world record starting power of spring starter.
Single spring starter: up to 19L(L6) and 30L(V16)
Spring starter group system: up to 26L(L6) and 38L(12), our target is to start a V16 engine with the displacement of 50L.


5. How to ensure quality?
The world's first unique simulated condition test bench. Each starter will go through pre-grinding test. Fully inspecting all indexes and the accuracy of assembly. And each product has its own starting performance test record.


6. How to maintain it?
It is maintenance-free with advanced anti-wear grease.


7. There are multiple models of spring starters for one engine model. Why?
Because one engine model may have different ring gear and flywheel housing. And the installation place for spring starters may vary. Besides, the power of spring starter depends on various engine loads. One spring starter is customized for one model of an engine series. It may be not suitable for another engine model.


8. Can I use spring starter when electric starter is working?
Absolutely no. It will badly damage the spring starter. We have promoted a micro-lock switch to prevent this case. So please connect it to the electric starter circuit.


9. Does it matters when used in lower temperatures?
A lower temperature will lower the starting performance of the engine, not that of spring starter. You may need an auxiliary device. Our starter has passed the starting test at a temperature of 40 degrees below zero Celsius.


10. What is a micro-lock switch?
It is a protector preventing two starters from working at the same time. You need to connect it to the control circuit of the electric starter and verify its function.


11. How long does it take to start an engine with Dalin spring starter?
Average time to wind and trip is 20 seconds. Lesser time in with the smaller model.


12. Do I have to use micro-lock switch?
Yes. It is a protector preventing two starters from working at the same time. It has been found that the switch can substantially lower the damage rate.


13. Application brands?
Cummins, Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins, Volvo, Deutz, Scania, Weichai, Yuchai, Huachai, Hechai, Changchai, etc.
We can design for models which we have not met before with relevant technical data.


14. The quality of the component.
Most suppliers are qualified suppliers for Cummins, and all of them obtained ISO9001 OR TS16949 certificate of the quality system. And each component will go through a strict inspection process before we use it.





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