Mechanical Spring Starter

Cqstart Mechanical Spring Starter

1. What is the Cqstart Mechanical spring starter?
It is a kind of starter, which can transform manual cranking energy into disc spring potential energy. It can start the diesel engine with the manual cranking energy.

2. The Advantages of Spring Starter:
Dealing with the problem which the electric starter is out of electricity. It can make the engine started without battery or other external systems (such as gasholder, cable, air compressor, manometer, accumulator, etc.). There is no cost for maintenance of it, and it has explosion-proof structure.

3. Instructions of Cqstart Spring Starter:
a. Single starter can start 6 cylinders in-line engine with displacement up to 19L, 16 cylinders V-type engine with displacement up to 30L. 0 group system can start up to 50L.

b. The Mechanical Spring Starter applies to emergency generator sets, lifeboats, firefighting sets, emergency pump sets, construction machines, power plants, irrigation and drainage device, etc.

c. Our products are available for the engines whose displacement is under 50L. There are various mechanical spring starters or group systems for your reference.

Cqstart Spring Starter

How to Turn and Start Diesel Engine with Cqstart Spring Starter