Spring Start Motor – An Effective Mechanical Engine Starter


The engine is the source of all the powers and brings energy to modern society. The engine needs to turn over by the outside power so that it can operate under its own power. Spring starter motor is a mechanical engine starter that can effectively start a diesel engine without external power.

Firstly, we look into

What’s the engine starter

Engine starter is the device for internal combustion engines by offering initial rotation, widely used for diesel engines, aircraft, portable generators, etc.

The types of engine starter

The main Engine starter types include pneumatic starter, hydraulic starter, electric starter, spring starter.


Pneumatic engine starters

Pneumatic engine starters also known as air starters are used for diesel engines, gas turbines, and some reciprocating engines. The compressor compresses the air for storage and they rely on the compressed air as energy for starting. They have a high power-to-weight ratio and high speed acceleration.


Hydraulic engine starters

Hydraulic engine starters are suitable for marine propulsion engines, diesel engines, and hydraulic fracturing equipment for oil & gas exploration. It is a motor that uses hydraulic energy to drive a diesel flywheel ring gear to achieve the ignition of a diesel engine. It can be used extremely cold weather, offshore and explosion-proof occasions.

Electric engine starters

Electric engine starters are the traditional starter motor. They are powered by batteries and electric convert to mechanical energy for start the ring gear on the engine’s flywheel, usually used in cars, ships, construction equipment, etc.

spring starter

Spring starters are the mechanical devices which can rotate hand crank energy to mechanical energy through the compressed disc springs for storage, the potential energy in the springs being released by tripping, the starter pinion rotating the engine flywheel ring gear for starting a diesel engine, mostly used in the emergency situations where the reliability is required.

At this article, we focus the importance on the mechanical starter – spring starter motor

Mechanical Engine Starter - Spring Starter Motor

The circumstances for using spring start motor

1. Extreme temperature and damp

Spring starter motor needs only hand cranking and releasing spring energy without other power consumption. Its resistance to damp and extreme temperatures makes them ideal for marine applications.

2. Non-electric

Spring starter only requires manpower, no hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical infrastructure required. Don’t need to worry the battery has no charge and can be applied for the dangerous area with the prohibition of electric start.

3. Emergency

The spring starter motor can be used as the most suitable backup starting device with the storage spring energy for the emergency like fire-fighting, rescue, marine emergency, military, etc.

How the spring starter motor works

When it needs to start a diesel engine, Pull the winding handle of the starter to make the release mechanism store in the energy for ready use. Wind the handle to turn in the prescribed direction to achieve the required storage energy and push the lever to release potential spring energy. Then the diesel engine can be started.

Spring used for spring starter motor

Disc Springs

Disc spring

The springs are compressed by means of a ball screw


simple to use

small space required

long-span life

High output torque


Professional Spring Starter Motor Supplier – Cqstart Spring Starter


Cqstart spring starter is manufactured by Chongqing Starting Power Unit Co., Ltd which was established in 2008. The company is specialized in the solutions for the emergency of engine start and developed a special mechanical starter-Cqstart spring starter, applied to military, fire, marine emergency, telecommunications, etc. It has a professional R & D team leading by a senior engineer for superior quality products with advanced technology and rigorous services.

Why choose Cqstart Spring Starter

Dalin spring starter


Displacement ranges from 0.5L-38L, which is the world record starting power of a spring starter motor.

Single spring starter can start 6 cylinders in-line engine with displacement up to 19L, 16 cylinders V-type engine with displacement up to 30L. 0 group system can start up to 50L.

Spring starter group system can start 6 cylinders with the displacement up to 26L, 12 cylinders start up to 38L

spring starter test


All products are tested by the unique spring starting test bench with an experiment of more than 3000 starting cycles, ensuring all products have detailed test data. The spring starter has a long-life span of more than 10 years according to customer feedback.

Cost Performance

All parts are made from mature material, produced by qualified heat treatment and machining process. On the same power level of the starters, the Cqstart spring starter costs less than a similar competing starter.

Simple and Safety Operation

It’s simple to operate. There’s not any auxiliary equipment to be configured, only adopting mechanical structure. The crank will not fly off or kick back during operation, which guarantees the safety of the operation


Cqstart spring starter provides excellent after-sale service with a professional service team,which can solve the problems of customers at any time.

Contact information

Sales: Julie He(Ms.),

Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-13637706003

Email: sales1@cqstart.com

Marketing: Harland Wang(Mr.)

Cqstart spring starter motor

Spring starter motor, as a mechanical engine start device, provides a powerful and economical starting option for customers who need a simple device for the backup of their electric engine starter.